Optical Attenuators Fiber Optic Passive Components

Optical Attenuators Fiber Optic Passive Components

Sopofiber electrical variable optical attenuator is designed to optimize the optical signal power at nodal points of optical communication network. Low insertion loss, low PDL and WDL, excellent thermal stability and competitive price have made this attenuator an economical and efficient solution for your optical power control needs. In addition, this product is Telcordia GR-1221-CORE qualified and meets RoHS requirements.

Leveraging on wide experience and expertise, SOPO is well-known as one of the largest manufacturers of optical attenuators fiber optic passive components for its high quality and low price products and excellent service. Please be free to buy cheap products made in China from our factory.

optical attenuators fiber optic passive components

Sopofiber electrical variable optical attenuator is designed to optimize the optical signal power at nodal points of optical 

communication network. Low insertion loss, low PDL and WDL, excellent thermal stability and competitive price have made

this attenuator an economical and efficient solution for your optical power control needs. In addition, this product is Telcordia 

GR-1221-CORE qualified and meets RoHS requirements. 

Low back reflection
High power endurance
Percise control of attenlsation range
Easy installation

Fiber optic telecommunication
LAN(Local Area Network)
High speed transmission system
BI-directional system

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