Dual 1x2 Mechanical Fiberoptic Switch

Dual 1x2 Mechanical Fiberoptic Switch

SOPOfiber's Series switch connects optical channels by redirecting an incoming optical signal into a selected output fiber. This is achieved using a patent pending opto-mechanical proprietary configuration and activated via an electrical control signal. The Switch offers ultra-high reliability and fast switching speed as well as bi-directional performance. SOPO fiberoptic switches are true switching solution for optical networking applications.


            Dual 1x2 Mechanical Fiberoptic Switch

Leveraging on wide experience and expertise, SOPO is well-known as one of the largest manufacturers of dual 1x2 mechanical fiberoptic switch for its high quality and low price products and excellent service. Please be free to buy cheap products made in China from our factory.




  • Unmatched Low Cost

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • High Channel Isolation

  • Highly Stable and Reliable

  • Epoxy Free Optical Path

  • Latching or Non-Latching

  • Optical Netrwork Protection/Restoration

  • Optical Signal Routing

  • Configurable Optical Add/Drop

  • Transmitter and Receiver Protection

  • Network Test Systems

  • Instrumentation

  • Patent Pending


Performance Specifications



Channel Wavelength1260nm to1360nm or 1510nm to 1610nm1310nm / 1550nm ± 40nm
Insertion Loss

P Grade

A Grade

P Grade

A Grade

≤ 0.5dB≤ 0.8dB≤ 0.7dB≤ 1.0dB
Temperature Dependent Loss≤ 0.15dB≤ 0.20dB≤ 0.15dB≤ 0.20dB
Wavelength Dependent Loss≤ 0.25dB≤ 0.3dB
Polarization Dependent Loss≤ 0.05dB
Channel Cross Talk≥ 55dB
Return Loss≥ 55dB
Repeatability± 0.02dB
Switching Speed (Typ.)4ms
Operating Voltage5V
Durability (Cycles)10 Million
Optical Power500mW
Operating Temperature0 to +70°C
Storage Temperature-40 to +85°C
Fiber TypeSMF-28
Fiber Length1.0m +/- 0.1m
Package DimensionsH Package: L22.3mm x W12.1mm x H11.0mm; V package: L25mm x W12.6mm x H8.5mm

Electrical Pin Configuration

Optical PathPort1 -Port2, Port1' - Port2'Port1 -Port3, Port1' - Port3'Electric DriveNon-LatchingPin1Pin10  LatchingPin1Pin5Pin6Pin10 V+GNDGNDV+Sensor StatusNon-Latching and LatchingPin2-3, Pin8-9 OpenPin2-3, Pin8-9 ClosePin3-4, Pin7-8 ClosePin3-4, Pin7-8 Open



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